Your business isn't cookie-cutter - your marketing shouldn't be either. 

Through Strock Media Management, LLC, I'll create custom content and develop a digital strategy tailor-made to your needs.

connecting you with customers through content as unique as you.

about ME

I was unhappy. I felt stuck. Something HAD to give.

I LOVED my job as a journalist. It was creative. It was challenging. But after four years, I knew something wasn't right. I've never really fit into a specific box, and I've always known that in order to feel truly fulfilled, I'd have to create my own opportunity. So that's what I did.

I took parts of my job that I loved: creativity, innovation, and community and looked at what I could do. Toledo has so many amazing and unique small businesses. But, not all of them have the time or the resources to market themselves in a way that truly highlights WHO they are.

That was it. I had my vision: to create social media content that shows small businesses in their best light, and reaches the people who matter most.

leaving local news for local business

about me

my work

- ABigail Glanville, realtor

Jenson is amazing! She was so patient with me and made me feel so comfortable doing video as I was nervous at first. The content she came up with for me was amazing. It definitely made a huge difference with my business. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable, I can not recommend her enough!

-Bob Kinner, First Power Group

Jenson helped my company with writing some content pieces for industrial, B2B products. She was able to manage technical aspects and give the company a voice that aligned with the customer base. I recommend Jenson for B2B content.

-Anthony Kamilaris,
Georgio's Restaurants

Very personable and works very hard 24/7. Jenson has a great vision and will make quality posts for your business.

From Reels and TIkToks, to long form video content for your website, I'll make sure your story is being told. 


Whether its for social, your website or billboard ads, I'll take quality photos that show your business in its best light.


I'll create a social media strategy based on your business goals. Hand off posting each week to me and keep up with our progress with a monthly analytics report.

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